Parmabdhiprasar Festival, Adi

Parambdhi Prasar Festival is celebrated at the time of Shree Datta Jayanti (on the birthday of Lord Dattatreya). Total duration of festival is around 7-8 days. Many saints and devotees visit this place during the festival period.

Many programmes are arranged during to festival period. Reading of Gurucharitra and Paramabdhi, spiritual lectures, chanting of “Jai Paresh Sarvayan” Mantra etc. are held in this festival.

His Holiness Shree Paramatmaraj Maharaj gives blessings to all devotees & delivers spiritual lectures. His lecture has everything about teaching of humanity, culture, peace, motivation to youngsters, teachings of Dattatreya etc.

On the Paurnima occasion, His Holiness Shree Paramatmaraj Maharaj gives spiritual lecture. Thousands of people attend Pournima festival.

Birthday of His Holiness Shree Paramatmaraj Maharaj is also celebrated & Many devotees come to attend this holy celebration. His Holiness himself gives speech to youngsters and guide them. Various programmes changed many lives & has given a success in their life.

In every festival “Mahaprasad Vitaran” (Food Distribution) is done here. Every person has got an improvement in his life. Many devotees express their feelings about His Holiness Shree Paramatmaraj Maharaj.

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