About Datta Temple

Shree Datta Devasthan Matha, Adi is a holy place situated in the hill named “Sanjivan Giri”.

Shree Datta Devasthan, Adi has become a place of devotion and pilgrimage. After residing in several sacred places, His Holiness Shree Paramatmaraj Maharaj arrived here on 1st July 1991. He is fully devoted to Lord Dattatreya.

His Holiness Shree Paramatmaraj Maharaj has founded a trust “Hardayan” and main goal of foundation is to give the knowledge of “Paramabdhi” book (A Holy Book on Vishwa Dharma). The great Lord Dattatreya has blessed him & named him as “Paramatmaraj”. Lord Dattatreya has suggested him to write a book “Paramabdhi” & as per his guidance, His Holiness Shree Paramatmaraj Maharaj started writting book. The book “Paramabdhi” is blessed by Lord Dattatreya. The Holy book Paramabdhi is a complete source of knowledge and explains the teaching of Vishwa Dharma.

His Holiness Paramatmaraj Maharaj has completed the book & has published it on the day of Vijaya Dashmi Shake 1927(Date : 12/10/2005). He has written the book in Sanskrit and he himself has translated in Marathi and Hindi.

He has also written booklets named “Swanubhava” and “Cheyan”. In the booklet “Swnubhava”, he has expressed his spiritual experiences. In the booklet “Cheyan”, he has written his views about the book “Paramabdhi” in 108 points.